About Bharat Lall

Bharat LallBusinessman, CEO, and company President, Dr. Bharat Lall’s business enterprise, Pinnacle Hotels USA, maintains several hotels and investment properties. Founded in 1998, Pinnacle now oversees and manages primary properties under Bharat Lall, MD’s leadership; these include hotels in Texas, Ohio, and California at large. Detailed information about Pinnacle can be found online at his company website, PinnacleHotelsUSA.com.

Furthermore, Dr. Bharat Lall has overseen the expansion of his company through investments and purchasing in the past several years. Notably, Pinnacle bought a 292-room, $19.3 million Marriott hotel in Riverside, California, in 2009, marking its continued shift to increasing capital investments. That location has a swimming pool, whirlpools, business center, and fitness room. Dr. Lall brings over 20 years of real estate experience and is active in investments and developments. Since the early 1990s, Bharat Lall has acquired, developed, and completed major transactions for over 80 investment properties.

Among Dr. Bharat Lall’s professional accomplishments, he holds a MD from the University of Glasgow, which he obtained in 1979. Like his father before him, he transitioned to the business sector at 40, after several years as a doctor and teacher. He also maintains strong charitable associations with the San Diego Indian American Association, which was founded in 1984. Along with his wife, Bharat Lall, MD, supports that organization’s scholarship fund for students in need. He also supports such organizations as Kiva, which is a nonprofit that is dedicated to connecting people and alleviating poverty. Since the organization’s founding in 2005, Kiva has expanded through the help of members like him.