About Bharat Lall

California-Based Hospitality Industry Executive Bharat Lall

Bharat LallBharat Lall MD is a business executive with nearly 30 years of experience in hospitality management. In his position as the founder, president, and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA, Dr. Bharat Lall is responsible for the oversight of a company with property holdings worth more than $250 million and over 650 employees.

Though today he is dedicated to his work in the hospitality industry, Lall first pursued a career in medicine as a family doctor. In the late 1970s, he earned his MD from the University of Glasgow in Scotland before immigrating with his family to the United States. He took a position at the Kaiser Hospital in San Diego, California, but after working there for a few years, he felt inspired to enter the world of business as a hotelier. After acquiring his first property in 1989, Lall continued to see patients during the day while also acting as support for his small motel’s front desk and cleaning staff to make his professional aspirations a reality. Two years later, he was able to devote himself to hospitality management on a full-time basis.

With his time dedicated exclusively to the hospitality industry, it was possible for Lall to focus more fully on business growth. He entered into a partnership with two friends to expand his hotel property portfolio. From 1993 to 1996, he and his partners were able to purchase 35 properties in various states of neglect or foreclosure and rehabilitate them, engaging in renovation, rebranding, and management restructuring as needed to improve each property’s performance.

Drawing from this experience, Lall founded Pinnacle Hotels USA in 1998. Today, the San Diego-based company maintains a collection of properties in the states of Texas and California, many of which bear the names of nationally recognized brands, including DoubleTree by Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, and Hyatt Regency.

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