What You Need to Know about the World Floral Expo in Dallas

What You Need to Know about the World Floral Expo in Dallas

An exciting annual event that unites floral enthusiasts from around the world, the World Floral Expo was held in Dallas in March 2019. In the following, we look at some of the most popular exhibits at this event and what made it so successful.

The World Floral Expo featured over 40 organizations.

Featuring more than 40 organizations based in many different parts of the world, the 2019 Expo at Dallas Market Hall highlighted significant contributions from domestic growers, as well as flower farmers based in countries such as Thailand, Holland, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Experts presented themed, hands-on workshops each day, attracting both novices and expert gardeners alike, with participants able to take their floral creations home. Expert horticulturalist J. Schwanke, the chief executive officer of uBloom.com, gave two presentations at the 2019 World Flower Expo in Dallas, including one on his new television series, Life In Bloom.

The event attracted buyers from across Texas and other states.

The organizer of the event, HPP International Exhibitions Group, indicated that it was pleased with the show and confirmed that exhibitors seemed very satisfied. Jet Fresh Flower Distributors Inc., a family-owned Miami importer, made a significant contribution to commemorate the company’s 11th year of trading. The company created a quad-view exhibit, with four color-block rooms, each featuring walls and objects painted in the same color.

Each backdrop spotlighted fresh flower arrangements. Entitled “Living In Color,” the exhibit featured a magenta bedroom with a bed of roses in various pink hues and a blue bathroom with coordinated flowers. The vivid green study featured an abundant display of orchids, dianthus, and emerald green amaranthus, while the kitchen included floral displays in various shades of yellow.

The prominently positioned Jet Fresh exhibition gained a great deal of attention, with most visitors unable to resist snapping photos. Ryan Black, Jet Fresh’s marketing/media director, explained that the concept stemmed from a quote by artist David Hockney, who said, “I prefer living in color.” Black confirmed that the exhibit had been popular with attendees, acknowledging that all of the feedback had been positive.

The Dallas Market Center, with its two exhibition halls, proved to be an ideal venue, with the North Hall designated for international florists to display their products.
The event attracted buyers from across Texas, as well as several surrounding states. It served as a valuable networking tool, connecting US buyers with growers, both from the United States and countries around the world.

The organization was pleased with the attendance at the event, which attracted an unexpectedly large number of floral buyers from more than six states. The majority came from Texas, with a healthy number of them also arriving from Oregon, Utah, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida and California.

Texas is a large, rich state, where many people purchase flowers.

From traditional florists, to retailers, wholesalers, supermarkets and event planners, flowers are big business in Texas.

A representative for HPP explained the goal of its Dallas trade show: to unite US flower buyers. The US flower market is incredibly complex, and the process of bringing US flower buyers together all in one place is a formidable one. While HPP organizes many trade shows around the world, US flower shows are held on a much larger scale, presenting enormous organizational challenges.

The 2019 World Floral Expo attracted a strong Kenyan presence.

The event attracted a number of growers from Kenya. This was largely due to the recent implementation of direct flights between the US and Kenya, which has eased the expansion of Kenyan flower exports to the US.

Kenyan growers have been recognized for some time for their vast potential in reaching the US flower market. Reloading flowers in Europe had a huge impact in terms of cost, price, and freshness. Since nonstop flights from Nairobi to New York began in October 2018, direct shipping to the US has had a revolutionary effect on the Kenyan cut flower market.

The 2019 World Floral Expo in Dallas was an important opportunity for Kenyan growers to present their finest products, with 12 out of the 75 World Floral Expo exhibits presented by Kenyan growers.

Exhibits included a fragrant rose booth by Alexandra Farms.

Since time immemorial, roses have been prized for their fragrance and beauty. Expo attendees met with an exquisitely fragrant rose booth presented by Alexandra Farms.

The Miami-based company markets roses that are grown on its Colombian farms. Alexandra Farms is reportedly the largest rose grower in the world.

With a myriad of colors and fragrances to choose from, Alexandra Farms delighted guests with its enchanting exhibit.

Details of the 2020 World Floral Expo have yet to be announced.

The 2019 World Floral Expo helped exhibitors to reach buyers, facilitated business talks, and paved the way for future business.

With the 2019 World Floral Expo proving to be an unprecedented success, it is easy to see why many exhibitors will be keen to return to Dallas.

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